Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping weekend of a calendar year. It attracts millions of shoppers throughout the nation who are looking for great deals on their favorite products to start off the Christmas shopping season. According to a research report published in Fortune Magazine, Black Friday e-commerce sales reached a staggering $2.72 billion last year. From this figure, you can easily conclude that there is money to be made during this period. So follow the tips highlighted above to tune up your e-commerce store to leverage this boom.

Take advantage of pre-Black Friday sales by starting early

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, shoppers are constantly bombarded by adverts from numerous e-commerce websites that want to have a share of the sales cake. To get in front of the queue regarding shopper acquisition, you need to start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers early. A typical example is the Amazon’s ‘’countdown to Black Friday” online deals. The technique has enabled Amazon to get an edge over competitors during Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

Free shipping offer can propel your e-commerce website during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend

At this time of the year, shoppers typically monitor numerous e-commerce sites to determine one that presents the best offer overall. That’s why doing away with shipping cost will put you in an advantageous position.  If you offer free shopping already, create awareness about the same by including it on your Black Friday ads.

Flash deals and extended sales will help your Black Friday promotion efforts

Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday flash deal promotions will help you cash in on the big boom. Implement a smart marketing campaign (online marketing or email blast) before Black Friday by encouraging customers to avoid the pandemonium by taking advantage of the pre-Black Friday offers. This is also the perfect time to reward your loyal and return clients by making them aware of the exclusive flash deals before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend kicks off. Also, extend the offer period and inform customers about it.

Double your email marketing campaigns during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period

Black Friday shopping is a crazy time for shoppers and retail owners alike. During this time, customers’ inboxes are always littered with all kinds of promotions. But, it’s natural since, at this period of the year, every retailer or e-commerce website owner wants to make as many sales as they can. So you should also ramp up your sales promotion efforts by doubling your email marketing campaigns. Start email marketing early by sending customers alerts about your pre-Black Friday flash sales and cyber Monday teasers.

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